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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mikedude, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. I was just wondering how i can remove my subscription none of the scripts bots i have tried have worked so there's not much point me being a member if im not using i went though settings in my profile and couldn't find anything with regards to my details

    if someone could share some wisdom id be most happy thanks
  2. i don't think you'd get a refund and you should keep it since it's Pink mate, Pink is the age of Pips!
  3. Maybe your set-up is wrong. Give us details so we can help..
  4. What scripts bots are not working for you? Details would be nice :)
  5. I am running the same as i would of done if i was using rsbot i followed all steps provided and still none of worked. i tried defminer , runespan one :S
    pickpocket one loaded gui but took 10 minutes per click over the top sorry about 30 secs a click tried a combat one fail to do anything plus the client is lagging like crap so if i hosted more than one it would be a dead pc on my side where i can run 12 bots with rsbot
  6. pickpocket as mine? it just got updated 1 minute ago.
  7. awesome calle ill retry now thanks for the update
  8. it's Case sensitive
  9. yes it works fine :) i found that it didn't work in lower case but i put a capital letter on the first letter and it worked fine but theres a small problem my bots are runite hoppers and thats the one im more in need of working
  10. You may also be experiencing the infamous mouse bug that arose a few beta patches ago, if that's still the case you should wait for it to officially be fixed.
  11. oh good, if you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to tell me :)
  12. Is there a way i myself can turn the mouse speed up its at 3 atm but id like to set it to 4 as the clicks can be rather slow hmm weird got my nub to level 3 then just stopped working
  13. As far as cancelling Supporter subscription goes, you have full control over that in Paypal. Just cancel the recurring subscription through Paypal and it won't charge you in the following months.

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