RS3 [REQUEST] 100k dungeoneering tokens

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Geashaw, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Post price offers.
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  2. How do you sell dungeoneering tokens...?
  3. Lol he means he wants someone to get 100k tokens for him.

    @Geashaw incase you don't find anyone, try joining the friends chat 'Keyers' on runescape and ask them how much they charge. You can afk while they complete large dungeons.
  4. Oh, Keyers is expensive Just saying.
  5. Thanks both, I've joined their fc but there was nobody.
  6. If you are still interested tell me your dung level and I#ll tell you my price :)
  7. I'm level 13 dung, 99/att/str/def/mage/range I need 100k tokens, u open?
  8. ill do. give me a offer
  9. 500k/ Med aba1's
  10. @staff @Party @Aidden this thread may be closed. Hijackers all the way.

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