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  1. So, I'm currently making about 70k xp / hour (on DarkScape) in Conquest with a friend. It costs no money because no food or anything along those lines. It's completely safe.

    This would be a great thing to bot for xp, IMO. The question is setting it up and running it.

    What we do:
    1. Every troop is a scout.
    2. Put two lines of troops at the very middle of the map.
    3. Walk into the game, challenge each other, set the timer for a minute. EVERY turn we wait out the timer.
    4. Run one scout up each.
    5. Kill the scouts off one by one.
    6. Once that's over, wait out two turns (4 minutes) each.
    7. Walk up to each other and kill depending on who's win it should be (to maintain us at a 1000 rating).
    8. Game is now over and we get a bunch of commendations each.
    9. Repeat from Step 3.

    At my level, every 100 commendations is about 200k xp. A game takes almost exactly half an hour to finish. Each game gains me 30 commendations.

    If you set up two bots playing this against each other, I reckon you could make a shit tonne of xp with zero risk.
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    Bump. This is a completely safe xp grinding method and probably gives more xp than most other methods.
  2. It's 25 minutes per game. 40+ combat gets 20 points a game, 70+ combat gets 30 points per game, and 100+ combat gets 40 points per game. You can have a max of 1000 points. The only skills worth playing conquest for are strength, defence, attack, range, and mage. You can also use it for Summoning and Prayer, but it's not that great of XP. I reckon summoning would be alright, considering farming charms sucks. Here is the most efficient setup:

    It's located on Pest Control Island, off of Port Sarim. Each player needs to let the one minute timer run out completely. After all the Scouts have been killed, each player should skip at least 2 turns each to get the full 20-30-40 points. If you have any questions, message me.
  3. Yes I double this aswell. Can someone please do this bot.
    I suggested it also didn't realize there was another post.
  4. To be honest, I don't even need two accounts to vs each other. I have plenty of clan mates willing to play hours of games with me.
  5. Yeah me too dude. But I think my clan mates would also want the bot xD
    I even asked someone in my clan and he said he would pay someone 20m in DS GP to make this bot

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