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  1. I would say it's aladeen.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. For the most part it's better than the majority of first scripts bots. Here's some feedback on the parts that are lacking slightly
    • Interact#npc/object - You're walking in a for loop, try to avoid walking in loops. A for loop is better than a while loop but it's still suboptimal.
    • Some of your constants could be made private.
    • The loop delay may be a tad low, but if you need it then that's not a problem
    • You should use dynamic sleeping after an interaction (via the Execution class)
    • Your banking code should be revised slightly to comply with the general advice of one action per loop.
  4. I was trying to get a feel for the API.

    It does help that I've wrote scripts bots for 2 other bots before.

    I'll probably rewrite my interact class tomorrow. It was the first class I wrote and the for loop is definitely reduntant once I realized how Path#step works.

    I'll try to rework things to comply be the one-action-per-loop rule and add more dynamic sleeping.

    Thanks for the fast feedback. ☺
  5. I've updated the script bot according to @Cloud 's and @dog_ 's suggestions. Tell me what you think.
  6. I have Al-Adeen news and Al-Adeen news:
    Congratulations on your first script bot. :p
  7. Thanks.

    I've ran this for ~ 10 hours, made over 2.5 mil :D
  8. Add it to the SDN Pls
  9. I pushed it to the SVN, just have to wait now.
  10. i'm so excited
  11. Rejected it for a couple small reasons, should be easy for you to fix though :)

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