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  1. I have only been a skiller for my rs career. And I want to take one of my maxed skillers into a main, by getting 99 all combats. I already got prayer and magic, but I dont know a couple things.

    What do I wear, armour, weapons, and at what levels. (Assume I have under 1b to spend on it).
    Where do I train
    What bot do I use

    I'm not looking for a simple answer, I'm really lost with combat for the most part. But anyone that could help, I'd appreciate.

    edit: RS3
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  2. RS3/OSRS would be useful. I know nothing about OSRS so I'll just give you some basic stuff for RS3.

    The Abyss is great xp/hr for any combat style (chins for ranged, halberd for melee, ancients for magic) and there is an abyss camping bot available to all supporters. If you're just looking for quick xp I would suggest that, as it has minimal gear requirements and high xp rates. The downside is that you'll need decent defence to be able to stay very long, and the bot doesn't bank for you so you'll have to check it every now and then.

    As far as gear is concerned just use stuff near your level. I'm no expert on gear or anything but common sense is all you really need to gear up properly. There is lots of information on the RS wiki about different gear.
  3. Fuck, i keep forgetting rsOS exists. RS3 RS3 RS3.

    I'm level 1 in all, I dont know where to start. I'll get to abyss when I'm higher levels.
  4. Honestly the best way to get started is doing slayer! (assuming your skiller isn't 99 slayer)
  5. slayer bot looks hella complicated, and naw its 87. Just want some easy melee/ranged exp
  6. Well then this all depends on a few factors: Are your melee and ranged stats still level 1? Are you trying to make any profit or do you not mind burning money? Are you going to be botting all of it or doing some legit?
  7. Prefer mainly botted, money to burn, and level 1
  8. For melee first do waterfall quest will get you 1-30 attack and strength and allow you to instantly use mithril weapons. Then train your defense 1-30 at trolls in burthrope so your base 30 in all melee. Next go train at hill giants till 40. After that go kill ankus till 60. Not sure what to do till 70 so a monster of choice there.From 70-80 kill hellhounds these are great xp and are afkable. At 80 you can go to frost dragons if you want money, waterfiends for good xp and charms, or if you have a dragon or crystal halberd you can go to the abyss and you can do any of these till 99.

    For range: 1-30 trolls in burthrope. 30-50 banshees in slayer tower(pick up a contract for an extra xp reward every X kills). 50-70 do lesser demons or aberrant spectres. 70-99 watefiends or chinning at the abyss.

    You didn't mention magic so assuming you ached this or something already.
    Tips: Always pray and use potions for max damage. If a spot is crowded(such as the abyss) in every world, try using foreign servers!
    If you need any more info let me know
  9. What bots would you recommend for hill giants, ankus, and waterfiends?
  10. Massfighter is great! You can also use alpha fighter and alpha waterfiends aswell
  11. From 70-99 for all 3 stats go to deadly read spiders, or hellhounds with good armor (bandos) and the healing godsword so you wont need any food. ever. ez win enjoi yw
  12. Where should i bot 50-70?
  13. Deadly red spiders.

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