Resolved Requesting Darkscape be closed til investigated.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Tim, Nov 21, 2015.

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  1. I've been seeing a LOTS of people in the shoutbox saying that they were banned while botting or just playing legit on Darkscape through the client. So I guess I'm saying it's not safe at this moment and shouldn't be accessible until it's taken care of and for the safety of others. That's just my thoughts.
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  2. As someone who was banned please make this happen.
  3. Perhaps we could launch a large scale investigation of methods to avoid detection. I know that it is possible, I see bots on ds whilst playing, plus my irl buddy uses eb (which, I keep telling him is borderline retarded) and he has never gotten a ban. It has honestly been upsetting me, considering I've gotten 13 to his none >.<
  4. i got banned on darkscape playing legit on the rune mate client and also got banned under 10 minutes for using scripts bots.
  5. I play darkscape and I have yet to be banned this would just mess up my botting experience
  6. 2 bans here today 12 bans yesterday
  7. 3/3 accs rip in ds
    1 alived 8 hours
    1 alived 2 hours
    1 15 min
  8. I guess this should be looked.
  9. Me on rs3 New account I made a few days ago.
    Never botted on it before, used rm for a while and banned.
    Not even speaking of an hour :(

  10. Is your history linked to that IP? What script bot?
  11. I replied to you about this in shoutbox. MaxiWoodcutter is highly detectable on RS3. I've had many accounts banned in the first 30 minutes of running. But yet no bans from it on OSRS.
  12. Had 5 accounts on darkscape banned today they were alive for around 1 - 3 hours and same yesterday.
  13. I get a New IP when I restart my router xd
    Been in the botting community since 2007... ;)
    Maxi woodcutter
  14. Might wanna confirm what IP you get and keep track of them. Probably something to do with the script bot. Woodcutting botting probably has pretty high ban rate anyway, since it is so common.
  15. 7 OSRS and 4 DS accounts have been banned, new bot detection system implemented?
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  16. Are you serious? 7 or 8 people have complained on bans since around 4 o clock this evening all with multiple accounts all using different scripts bots and experiences put that with the mass bans from yesterday and the day before is an unusally highban rate compared to runemates past before 3 days ago..
    so with that in mind no it was not maxiwoodcutter that flagged him it is runemate and hopefully it is fixed soon
  17. Say that to me running Celestial Hunter for 42 hours straight now, and Exia Miner for 22 hours straight f2p on 2 accounts. If the client was detectable i would have been banned a LONG time ago.
  18. you may have just been lucky, ive been on every hr the last 3 days half the complaints were 10minutes into runemate and hadnt even stared the bot... the others were using many variety of different bots the only common variable is runemate its the sad truth and the sooner its looked the sooner we stop losing members several have left us for a shittier client such as epicbot or pb which is a disgrace since rm is in a whole othe league and we need to address the issues
  19. Tim, I thought you said ds was very detectable atm? Are you running 42 hours straight on ds?
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