Reset RM to default settings?

Discussion in 'General' started by Haxx91, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Hi I was just wondering real quick how I'd go about resetting RuneMate to default settings? I changed the mouse speed scale a little higher than 1 so I didn't have the same mouse speed as EVERY SINGLE OTHER BOT in the world. But that seems to have really messed up a lot of bots, especially agility ones, how would I go about reverting to default, as much as I hate to?

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  2. wudn't downloading a new copy of the bot reset it?
  3. Nope =/, pretty sure settings are on the cloud
  4. Guessing it was mouse multiplier you changed, does it not working dragging it back to 1?
  5. It doesn't quite snap, I've remedied it slightly by putting it just a tad under 1 for now until I figure out how to default it proper
  6. Well sorry bud, can't help you, recently started using the client myself.
  7. That isn't an issue that I have experienced before.
    I would delete your runemate documents folder.
  8. @Cloud
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  9. Delete the registry entries for RuneMate. Changing your mouse speed shouldn't break anything though.

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