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Discussion in 'Site Support' started by Tobli, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. This guy "Light Yami" profile:
    Messaged me saying I'll do those quests for you gave me skype details ,
    Skype profile:
    Screenshots of Skype convo:
    Proof of payment:
    4: "Claims he has gotten quest cape on 2 accounts (HIGHLY Doubtful)
    So after this we start just talking about just bunch of shit (drugs,drinking)
    So he says he it will take him roughly 3 hours to do. Fair play seeing as I have no idea how long it takes because I haven't done it and have heard its a hard quest so I take his word for it.
    So after this he says he has been at his sisters dance show :
    So you know like I give this guy a chance because he had to go to his sisters dance show not sure if BS or not but yeah.
    SO then "I fell asleep sorry bud" like.. At this point I was annoyed because he said I was his main priority and he falls asleep? Why put a service up and be lazy af to do it?
    And so I say np because I know that if I personally don't want to do something I take ages to do it so fair enough. He makes up an excuse he will do it whilst I'm asleep. Which I keep insisting that he can do it in 5-10 minutes seeing as I was pking.
    So then he "LOGS ON" which I highly doubt seeing as I had asked my friend if my account had logged on whilst I was away. And he said no Then he asks again would be easier if I go to bed and he will do it whilst I'm asleep. The 2nd time does he not understand that I want it done ASAP?
    So then I message him about 20 minutes later and I asked my mate if he had logged on. He says nope not even once So I message him this because I was a bit annoyed. Because I've been waiting about maybe 20 hours for this to be done and his already given me 2 excuses.
    So then he gives me a "DEFO WIL BE DONE TONIGHT MY TIME"
    So at this point I was just like okay give the guy a break he promised he will have it done by tonight. So I'm happy everythings good. So the next morning I messaged him just asking how it is how's it going and everything his like just lots of walking. So I'm about to leave to goto school and message him that I'm about to head off and should be done by the time I get home and he says yes . So for the 3rd time he brings an excuse. Like I am actually contemplating asking for a refund because it's been 2 days. And he promised me by the time I got home from school It should be done . So then he tells me he just woke up AGAIN? So I'm just like I'm going over my GF's for the weekend and hopefully it will be done and he says NOO DOUBTT. And today is Sunday and still same progress as it was Sunday. And also spent around 500k when he said he would only need 200k. Can print screen if needed. and he also sold rock climbing boots for 2gp each when on the it clearly sells for about 100k. Or the NPC sells for 75k I think .
    So I'm frustrated at the amount of bullshit this guy has said to me and I demand a refund and an apologie from @Light Yagami
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    Qust Progress :
  2. Man. This would have pissed me off so bad.

    Hope that you get a refund or that this guy gets locked.
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  3. Man as much as its 3$ it's still a scam and they need to learn to not get away with this bullshit. @MassBot
  4. I agree 100%.
  5. What a nerd, its only 3$ but still... a scam is a scam gtfo with this guy.
  6. $3 is " One mountain dew and one bag of doritos"
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  7. Yeah. It's pretty much up to you if you want to give him 24 hours more. After all that BS and excuses I read , I would have wanted a full refund.

    Sure if he would have given you one excuse once why he couldn't finish it in time, we are all human. But several times, and even after he was pay'd for the service, no way.
  8. How long has it been since you paid him to do this? And how long did he initially say it would be before he got around to it?
  9. Can vouch for Tobli he bought from me.
  10. @Aidden I payed him about 5 days ago and If you read the thread/pics he said specifically that he would do it numerous times.
  11. Get a refund, don't let this kid on the account.
    What quest is it?
  12. @Draggin He offered to give me one but I still want the quest completed. So I've given him 24 Hours to do so.
    Desert Treasure.
  13. @Light Yagami This is unacceptable. If you aren't going to do the quest when you say, don't take payment. If you haven't completed the quest within 24 hours from tobli's last message requesting it be done, you're gonna need to issue a full refund. I would also like you to explain why you sold his items for 2gp when they were worth 75-100k, and why you used an extra 300k than you said you would. Again, unacceptable. If you need to use more than you originally stated, you ask the customer if it's okay.
  14. Amen.
  15. This can be taken down Light has done the quest and has apologised about the long wait so thanks guys for the support but everything is al right. :D
  16. I'd still like an explanation for the extra 300k spent and the selling of your item for 2gp when it was worth far more than that.

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