Implemented Restrict SDK Runtime for End Users

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  1. This is more a notification than a suggestion, but we will be restricting SDK runtime, i.e. stopping bots after X hours of runtime, for end users starting in the next update. It has come to our attention that some Bot Authors have been using SDK mode to deliver private bots to paying customers. Not only is this incredibly unsafe for the end users as these unverified bots can be used to hijack accounts rather easily, but it also leaves the Bot Author vulnerable to their hard work being leaked and distributed without their permission. The limitation will not apply to anyone with the Bot Author rank, so it will not affect any testing of work-in-progress bots.

    How will this affect you?

    @End Users: Not at all, unless you purchased private bots and the author sent you a file and told you to run it in SDK mode (presumably via a .bat file). If that applies to you then you should contact the author immediately and ask them to publish the bot properly through the Bot Store and grant you private access.

    @Private Bot Authors: Not at all, unless you decided to distribute private bots outside of the Bot Store against the fervent guidance of the Staff and fellow Bot Authors not to. If that applies to you then you will need to publish the bot properly through the Bot Store and grant your customers private access. @toxxic @mydogjax

    I am sure this will not be the most popular change among our more anarchist Bot Authors, and to them I have to say that I will take all the rage/bad vibes/insults you have to maintain my users' safety and positive experience here at RuneMate.

    Addendum: Due to the drama that ensued below, it has now been explicitly stated that distribution of bots outside of the Bot Store is against the rules and grounds for permanent ban.
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  2. I was actually curious if people did this. Good to see it addressed :)
  3. It's the equivalent of trying to distribute iPhone apps via email... people be cray.
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  4. Thank-you!
  5. I just can't be asked to wait the time for updates or bugs to be pushed for my scripts bots. I like being able to individually re-send updates that I sell the script bot too within 2 minutes and have them all happy again.
    To each there own.
    At least with the source code, they can skim it enough to pick off anything that seems odd. Thanks for the tag though xD
  6. Not sure you understand the significance of this change. You're not being asked to, you're being required to. I doubt your customers will be satisfied with three hours of runtime.
  7. Does this site not understand "restricting."
    Change the wording, or use it properly. I don't mind three hours, but don't say I'm being required to do something when you are "restricting" it. LOLz
  8. ???

    You're talking to an executive, he'll just ban your ass if needed.
  9. So am I not able to voice my opinion? That's sort of why I was tagged. Ban me if you really think that's going to solve the problem, but until then, I will keep selling SDK version scripts bots unless the time for updating scripts bots changes.

    Edit - Or a rule is put in place, not a restriction. At that point, I will go elsewhere.
  10. I think you're the one lacking understanding. Try the word causality on for size. Don't worry I'll spell it out for you. End users can't run in SDK mode for more than three hours -> end users want to run more -> they complain to you -> you either publish through Bot Store -OR- they chargeback, accuse you of scamming, and/or you get banned for scamming.
  11. Ok it's a rule. No distributing bots with the intention of running in SDK mode. Bannable offense. Bye! :)
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  12. Sounds good bro LOL.
  13. Lol you've got your head so far up your ass that you can't even see that you are being restricted by the owner of the service you're using. I suggest either accepting his restrictions or just leave.
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  14. I've been saying the entire time that it is a restriction. Which means until the rule (Which apparently was just placed) that it is not allowed anymore, I will continue. I don't get the struggle behind this.
  15. A restriction means you are forbidden to do it. Are you actually illiterate or are you just a stubborn ass?
  16. Please quote the restrction and tell me where it says that it isn't allowed anymore. All I see is a time after X, the bot will stop. That's the restriction.

    Edit- Besides where he just added it a few lines after the argument started.
    From the main post.
  17. I even highlighted it for you in red. :)
  18. God damn, cut the bullshit and just use the sdn as you are supposed to, stop abusing any breach in the rules because your customers are the ones suffering, not you.
    This forum and botting client stand for user friendliness.
    It does not matter if the users suffer from waiting 3hours for an update or suffer from unapproved code.
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  19. That again, was after the argument started, and opinions were voiced.
    I said do it from the main post, instead of "Are you actually illiterate or are you just a stubborn ass?".
    Because IN THE MAIN THREAD (highlighted in red so you read that part of this), it just says what I first quoted for you.

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