RS3 Revamped abyss runecrafting script

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by cowfart33, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Now that abyss rc has been buffed, its a great time for someone to start making a bot for using the abyss, with 2.5x exp, the rate is faster than high end runespan, also, north of 2m/h if using full requirements (ie summoning, pouches ect.)
  2. O hi hax, nice to see u here, i actually got the idea after trying out ur nature runecrafting, its osm, but atm im kinda looking for fast exp so runespan it is :(, but abyss seems promising, (manual-ing blood atm, about 300k/h if u go very hardcore, also bout 2.5 mil an hour)
  3. there is still @Supreme Leader his script bot that can be updated ;)
  4. Supreme's script bot is a bit broken atm, useable in some cases, but then theres the problem with pkers and the updated models. Well I am learning java atm, so maybe this can be my pet project for a while, will need tonnes of help though :p
  5. I know its broken :p thats why i said that it can be updated :p and updating it wont be hard :p just some minor updates :) the core is still working good
  6. But supreme abyss is written by a noob with shitty code, much better of writing one from scratch.

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