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  1. As most of you know, Team Celestial has been very inactive for a while on the bot store. @Savior is too busy with university, I had a bit of a burnout, and @Infinite Inferno felt too lonely because we left. In order to restore some of the reputation we had, I'm working very hard to rework a big part of our productions. This includes:
    1. Brand new framework allowing for remote control, easy data submission and bringing high standards to all of our bots. (working on Android app, potentially iOS, and web panel)
    2. Brand new paint API, bringing user-friendliness and elegance to a new level.
    3. Progress report uploading. (optional)
    4. Reworked anti-pattern API, allowing us to further humanize our bots.
    5. Reworks to some of our bots, as time flies, our knowledge in bot writing and Java in general improves.

    The first product of this project will be Celestial Hunter V3 BETA, which will be available on the bot store for supporters only soon.

    Here's a gif of the new paint in action!

    Here's a progress report uploaded by the bot itself!

    Ofcourse, the reason we're doing this is because we want to deliver quality bots to you, so we would love to hear your opinions and suggestions!
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  2. RuneMate is here to enable you to do all of these great things. Good luck and godspeed!
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  3. They can make up all the excuses they want, but they know the real reason they were unable work on their bots: Supreme Leader paid them a visit.

    On a serious note, good luck.
  4. Busted...
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  5. Stay out of the RS3 market and I won't deal anymore attacks. :p

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