RGBA: RuneScape Global Bot API

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  1. When Java was first created, it was created to "write once, run anywhere".

    With bots, this is not the case: you have to adapt your scripts bots for each bot! But no longer, because the RuneScape Global Bot API - or RGBA for short - will wrap around your script bot so that you can truly write once and run anywhere!


    I have done this before, but most of the code is (partially) lost, so I am rebuilding this project from scratch. It is a proven concept, and cuts down development time significantly when releasing scripts bots for multiple clients, or one client that has a constantly changing API.

    I am currently in the process of retrieving old enumerations containing data used by the scripts bots I had on RSBuddy and RSBot. After that, I will re-release the framework for the scripts bots. This framework combines the Strategy Design Pattern with the Finite State Machines pattern to allow a quick learning curve while still being very flexible and solid.

    Contributions can be made by forking the project and creating pull requests. It is built upon Java 7 and you'll have to adhere to my codestyle, including the commit messages.

    Because I do have a fulltime job as Software Developer at https://kaartje2go.nl/ and also live on my own (which means I do everything your mother does for you, but for myself) and I also like to party... I do not have much time! It will probably take a few weeks, but it'll be worth it.

    Feel free to use this in your scripts bots, but I would appreciate a mention in your forum thread if you do.
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  2. Hopefully it won't end up as "very soon(tm)."
  3. Will it be easier to learn than the Runemate API?
  4. [QUOTE="Salvation, post: 28397, member: 9"https://kaartje2go.nl/ [/QUOTE]
    I have used that site alot xd

    Kinda like the concept :)
  5. The more help the sooner ;-)

    Not sure if I can answer this. What it will be is consistent, and consistency does tend to make everything easier.

    Nice to hear!
  6. Do you also do wedding cards? :O i am getting married 12/09/2015 and still need invites haha :D kinda off-topic @Salvation
  7. We have everything, and if we don't have it, you can create it yourself! Add me on Skype, I can help you out a bit more than this ;-)

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