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  1. Would it be possible to add some kind of a comand so it will right click only `that` item or game object without forcing mouse to right click all the time on all objects etc?

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    Edit: Sorry for bad precision of the request, yes i want an API method like savior said with that Intarectable#interact(String action, boolean rightClick), this would be amazing for some cases. The force menu interaction from the settings don't fit my needs, like there are some better interactions with left click and some with right click. Example: my chicken killer if an 'wall' is covering bones or feathers will hardly ever loot it, and if i would do right click for that exact GroundItem to be interacted with right click that would be fantastic, same for other stuff. Thanks @Savior for interaction here :D
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  2. No that wouldn't be possible at a client-level. You can ask the Bot Author to implement it if the option makes sense.
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  3. How on earth is that not possible?
    He wants some interact method overload, like Interactable#interact(String action, boolean rightClick). That would make interaction more reliable in some cases.
  4. He's not talking about in the API. Also that method already exists in the API. He's asking for a UI option to selectively right click certain interactable things.
  5. No I've been talking to him and he wants some API method for it :p
    Where is it in the api though? it's not in Interactable so I thought it didn't exist.
  6. Not at all what the OP would lead one to believe, especially due to the discussion on "Force Menu Interaction" being a UI option. Looks like it's not in the API, which is shocking. Re-instating the suggestion, but I suggest the OP be edited with more clarity or @Cloud may overlook it when I point him here.
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