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  1. When the bot right clicks (which most do it constantly), it seems that they get stuck from time to time. It's the same with almost every bot I've used.

    Is this a bug or can it be easily fixed by my settings? Besides getting stuck in the right click menus, everything works fine.
  2. Can you please give us some more information about it getting stuck ?
  3. It'll right click an item or object and instead of selecting an option (mine, withdraw, etc) it will just idle slightly away from the option indefinitely.

    The bug doesn't occur instantly, but it's pretty common. The mouse will just hover the options menu without movement.
  4. You got the 1 click option activated then in RS ?
    From my experience, bots don't use a right-click unless its necessary.
  5. No, like I said I'm not sure what is causing it.

    It is with Darkscape with Legacy mode enabled. Maxi Fletcher is an example of a script bot that always right clicks.

    Here's an actual image if that helps at all.

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  6. Sorry, I didnt realize you were talking about banking bots.
    Hopefully @Arbiter can help you out ;)

    PS: Are you on Windows or MAC, and do you have the latest Java installed ?
  7. Windows 10 and the latest version of Java.


    @Arbiter any idea the cause? A lot of scripts bots will right click an object or item (on darkscape) and get stuck until you get forced to the lobby or until fixed manually.
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