RS3 rip 2004 account

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by The Professor, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. psh i aint trippin well im trippin cause i got 98 runecrafting and 99 fishing but fu** lol ohwell

  2. Account was F2P ?
    How many hours did you bot ?
    Did you quest ?
    Did you talk in-game to others etc ?
  3. Would be interested in knowing this aswell. And also what you were botting.
  4. Thats fucked up man..
    Did you suicide it?
  5. It says right there in the image he posted. "Currently not a member"

    Being F2P increases chance of ban dramatically. Also would like to know what you botted and for how long.
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  6. lol i was p2p but mem ran out i said fuck it and suicide botted for 72hours off and on transferring my items to my maul i aint trippin lol
    but shit happens
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    i completed quite a few quests nothing to big some hards, and i did talk in game lol
  7. Er.. that wasn't smart now was it lol
  8. I feel you, man. I recently lost one of my mains as well.
  9. Hey yeah thanks for reminding me I lost some epic ass accounts ty brush
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  10. Rest in pepperonis

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