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  1. So a few days ago i started to bot with runemate. I started in a old account which had some gold bars so i thought why not try a crafting script bot? And so i startED to use JCrafter and i found it was pretty flawless and pretty good. And then i said to myself:
    Thats why i'm here. I'll post proggies every day with my journey to lvl 99 crafting with only Gold Necklaces.

    1st DAY (not really the first but the first i post proggies):
    I plan to run more 5,5 hours so you'll get a report latter.

    2st day - Got some combat levels to break the ultra run on crafting :p
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  2. Good luck! How much exp/hr?
  3. Goodluck dude
  4. 30k/h :p

    Wait, it will be impossible.... Fuck that i'll get banned before lvl 99 so....
  5. you wont get banned if you do it in moderation
    also doing other skills between it like mabey do crafting 1 day and combat the next.
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  6. Agreed! Switch it up every other day or every level when you get to like 90+. Regarding moderation, use a random number generator to generate a number between 0 and 15 and bot that many hours that day.
  7. Thats what i was thinking a minute ago. Thats why from now on i'm uploading a bunch of different proggies from different skills and so bots.
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    The max hours i will run are 11 and might reduce that later.
  8. I have botted from 60 fletch, I am now 1 hour away from 96 fletching. I only bot about 8 hours a day on that and sometimes i skip some days
  9. New proggie.

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