Road to a Maxed Out RS3 & OSRS Account using RuneMate!

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  1. The goal of this project is to test how reliable RuneMate is and to display how far you can get using RuneMate without getting banned. The ultimate goal is to be maxed out on both RS3 and OSRS.

    Currently working on: 99 Fletching
    Version of the game: RS3

    Starting stats:

    [​IMG] Fletching
    Want to know my strategy to 99 Fletching on RS3 and OSRS?


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  2. I'll make a Magic training script bot just for you soon ;)
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  3. Support!
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  4. Best of luck.
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  5. I'll do this right along side you :p
    just with OSRS though
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  6. Any updates mate? :D
    Currently doing this on RS3 too ;)
  7. Goodluck.
  8. Goodluck hope to see an update of the account soon :)

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