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  1. As few of you know I lost my main a while back, last summer to be exact. GG full maxed account with well over 10B. Since then I've kind of taken a break with Runescape. Been botting on few dummy accounts for fun, testing money making methods etc. Nothing major.

    For the past month I've been somehow motivated to start from scratch and about a week ago i made a new account. The goal is to turn it into my main, will be playing fully legit on it.

    I got inspired by @Geashaw's progress topic I decided to share my journey with the RM community.

    Current Goal:
    Get all of my stats to level 50.

    Current Wealth:

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  2. Awesomecakes! Have fun man, legit gets fun, trust me :) Just the agility and runecraftig suck balls...
  3. How did you make so much money?
  4. I sold few leftover bonds that I didn't need. For my money making methods I'm quite positive I'll be using most of these.
  5. Woo good luck!
  6. Good luck dude! :D
  7. What are your stats on your legit main? For me just agility and divination wanna make me bot on it.. I havent tho... just AIIIIDSSS
  8. #Updated

    Done some training, nothing much tho.
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    Updated, made over 500 total levels since last update and around 100M in cash.

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