Road to Quantum's Amazing Skiller

Discussion in 'Goals' started by Quantum, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. Day 1


    Day 3


    Week 1 Day 4


    Week 2:


    Woodcutting: 48
    Fishing: 36
    Cooking: 37
    Firemaking: 6
    Runecrafting: 92
    Thieving: 4
    Fletching: 2
    Slayer: 2
    Dungeoneering: 9
    Herblore: 1
    Mining: 1
    Smithing: 1
    Hunter: 1
    Divination: 32
    Crafting: 45
    Agility: 1
    Farming: 2
    Currently: P2P
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  2. Good luck :)
  3. Go go 99 wc
  4. Legit or with this bot?
  5. Legit for now. I'll bot when I see some scripts bots appearing :)
  6. oh ye haha
  7. Sweet I want to do the same on OSRS!
  8. Updated stats
  9. Damn 61 RC already. Is it that much faster on EoC :(? I haven't even started yet on mine
  10. RuneSpan <3
  11. Eek runespan... I dont always train runecrafting, but when I do... I do it the good and old way :p Plus I get lots of money
  12. Yea I definitely want to start on that. Was contemplating whether I should get 66 hunter first and then start RCing :p. Goodluck on the rest buddy

    EDIT: Didn't realise it was Veiwer who posted that haha
  13. Faster experience though.
  14. Goodluck with this man nice to see some progress logs like this :D
  15. Updated for you guys :)
  16. Dayummmmm that RC went up hella quick :eek: very nice
  17. Updated once more.

    Next update will be for the 99, might throw a little party.
  18. If you give me the time and date and stuff i might be 'celebrating' with you
  19. What happened to the skiller you had about a year ago?
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