OSRS Round 2 17/6/16 Spectre Only

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  1. So after my first account since spectre release received a ban (due to suicide botting) I thought I would start another account along with this thread to document my travels all over Gielinor.

    I'm going to take a different approach this time and verse Jagex a bit more strategically to try avoid that ban hammer.

    This thread will be updated frequently, daily or possibly multiple times a day. I enjoy botting and hope you enjoy following my progress as this character develops.

    --Day 1 17/06/16--


    I created the new account and used MaxiTutorialIsland to complete the first area.

    My current goal is to make money any way possible so I can buy a bond, I decided to start out with some woodcutting, selling normal logs seems to be a decent method to get some starting cash.

    I've set MaxiWoodCutter up while I go out for the day, already excited to see the gains when I get home.

    After coming home to 31 Woodcutting and 600 normal logs, I went straight to the GE and sold them. Now with my beastly 20k cash pile I can begin supplying my character for the journey ahead.


    I decided to do some quick fishing next, the salmon and trout I collect will come in handy later on.
    For this I've set up Celestial Fisher in lumbridge, powerfishing shrimp/anchovies and I'lll move over to barbarian village after I gain some levels to catch salmon and trout.


    It was a good day, after botting for around 7 hours I decided to turn it off for the night. Getting some starting cash and food in the bank for tomorrows adventures.


    -Bots used today-
    Celestial Fisher

    --Day 2 18/06/16--

    As my second day in Gielinor begins I decided to fish some more, then I sold some of the trout and salmon I caught, using the profits I bought some cooked trout, some iron armour, accessories and scimitars up to adamant for the fierce battle ahead.


    I head out to massacre some chickens. At first I used SudoKFC but with some struggles I switched to Alpha Fighter which worked really well.


    After a few hours and some sneaky gains I switched over to some powermining with pPowerMiner. I couldn't get a bot to bank properly so I just went for experience instead.


    I haven't done to much today but I plan on doing some easy quests over the next week. I'm still trying to find a way to make some easy cash but without having to bot for long periods of time. I'm not sure what I can do as f2p any suggestions would be helpful.


    --Bots used today--
    Alpha Fighter
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  2. Good luck, mate!

    Dat bald guy doe
  3. Good luck man! But you should've done tutorial island by yourself in my opinion, if they notice you botting on tutorial island already you'll get a ban soon enough. I HOPE YOU DON'T THO :p
  4. Thanks guys :)

    What is easiest for you guys to follow, if I update the original post or reply with the updates?

    I agree I should of done Tut island by hand but i'm lazy :p lets hope it doesn't come back and bite me on the butt.

    -Progress Update-
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  5. Update OP with pictures/levels, but make a new post in thread alerting people of update.
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  6. Updating OP. Just use spoiler tags + progress pics to make it look cleaner;)
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  7. Thanks guys will try it that way.

    Day 1 has been updated.
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    Day 2 has been updated
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  8. Best of luck!

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