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  1. I was initially going to post this on your profile, but apparently there is a 420 character limit on profile posts. I wonder how high Arbiter was when he chose that number.

    Hey there RoxSox,

    A Bot Author rank just means they have a properly functioning bot available in the Bot Store, it does not magically guarantee maturity. The fact you kept replying to his posts instead of just ignoring them shows how mature you are: not as mature as you like to think. I will delete all posts made by you and creativeself, but please don't see that as some sort of victory - because it isn't. It's merely respect towards SlashnHax his thread.

    Also, please don't try to "threaten" us with things like this: "A crappy member of your community. Just cost you a $1000 contribution. If you want bigger contributions, make your community adhere to higher standards, especially bot authors." First off, only a moron would base whether he'd like to donate to a free service or not based on the attitude of one member instead of the quality of the service provided. Secondly, you probably don't even have $1000 to spend. I'd love to see you prove me wrong on that second part, though ;)

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,

    R00nMate Customer Service
  2. Good to know how this community is run.

    Don't gotta worry about any contributions from me. Promise.
  3. Fact that you think that threatening with not paying for stuff makes us change our minds makes me laugh so hard. Get out of here scrub.
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  4. rest in pepperoni's
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  5. lol cya
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  6. Ayy what was going on cabbage?
  7. He couldn't start a bot and reported that, then @creativeself made a joke about him. Then they kept fighting. @RoxSox reported all his posts and added stupid comments like the one in this picture. At first I agreed with him that the posts should be removed, but then he made this retarded threat.
  8. A Y Y L M A O
  9. Are you farming post count bro
  10. yes wanna join
  11. "Higher standards" lol... this community has the highest standards out of all RuneScape(TM) botting sites.
    powerbot is run by kids, for kids.
    Tribot has a therapy group for scr1pt writers applying for a premium rank.
    Topbot is fail.
    Epicbot is virus.
    RiD has a shitty community (I respect RiD as a developer though).
  12. I see
    Brings back coconut memories :')
  13. [​IMG]

    remember that?
  14. what did i lost today?
  15. Nothing at all :)
  16. Your sense of proper grammar, I'm afraid :p
  17. M8 that's another 420$ contribution you missed
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  18. LOL good thread.
    I haven't read what the bot writer had said to RoxSox but i'm sure he could of diffused the argument.
  19. 10,000,000 Nigerian dollars down the drain.

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