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  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post on Runemate, so this will also serve as my introduction. I'm Final Calibur, otherwise known as FC. Some of you may know me from TRiBot, as I hold the rank of Scripter there.

    I've created a cloud based account creation service that I'd like to share with you all. I held an open beta for this on TRiBot, which you can view here. I've decided to release this as a standalone Java program on all of the major botting communities, as it's a much larger market. Not to mention I won't have TRiBot deduct a 30% fee from my sales even though I'm not using a single bit of its API.

    This program will create accounts for you and record them to a text document called fcaccounts.txt in the same directory as the Jar file when you run it. Here are some other features of it:

    • Cloud based (All of the dirty work is done on an external server. The program simply sends an "order" to the server, the server fulfills it, and sends back account details. The programs CPU usage will be virtually non existent because of this)
    • You can use your own list of SOCKS proxies (MUST be non-authenticated), OR you can utilize the system's proxies (I have paid for 150+ proxies & will purchase more as necessary).
    • The system generates a decent amount of accounts per hour. You can leave it on all day and night and end up with hundreds of accounts in no time.
    • Account names are made with dictionary words and numbers. No random gibberish.
    • Accounts are recorded to a text file called "fcaccounts" in the same directory that you run the program from.

    Why you should use this program

    • No chance of account recovery
    • Extremely convenient, no more dealing with captchas
    • Pay for as many as you need at any time
    • Don't worry about flagged proxies, we have it all figured out
    • Very affordable prices
    I accept these payment methods:

    • Paypal
    • RSGP


    Obviously some of you are going to have concerns about the safety of this program. I can assure you that it's not malicious, as I would not risk my TRiBot reputation over something like that. You can check the last post of my beta thread for verification that it's me. Or simply PM me on TRiBot if you want further evidence.

    Also, here is the code from the main class of the program you'll be receiving. Just in case anyone wants a peek of the inner workings of the program.

    If you're interested in purchasing usage, please post the following order form on this thread and I'll message you asap so you can set up a unique username & pin for the system.


    Desired # of accounts:

    Payment method:
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  2. Does this also generate the associated email account, or uses the username plus a random domain without verifying it?
  3. The latter. It does not verify the associated email address.
  4. Shame u aint got one for rs3, looks pretty cool.
  5. what should i bot with 500+ accounts
    or doo with 500 accounts
  6. The accounts created with this system will also work with Rs3.

    Do whatever you want :) Create a massive gold farm, use them for advertisement purposes, who knows. You can also run them through tutorial island and re-sell them for a higher price.
  7. alright goldfarm seems nice do you recode it for rs3 or is there an option to switsch
  8. There is no difference between the account creation on RS3 and OSRS.

    You can use accounts created from OSRS for RS3, and vice versa.
  9. You're forgetting that RS3 accounts need to be e-mail verified.
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  10. Ah, this slipped my mind.

    So the system won't actually work for RS3 accounts in that case.
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  11. You can create osrs accounts and use them on rs3... I think.
  12. When you try to log in, it tells you you need to verify your email in order to start playing RS3.
  13. I thought that the email verification was optional in RS3. If you don't verify the account, RS3 will limit the exp you gain and maybe limit some other features. I haven't made a new account in a while.
  14. You have a week to verify on RS3 I believe. Account probably wont last that long anyways so it should work.
  15. Add me on skype i may be interested

  16. Added.
  17. NVM, Just read that it won't work for RS3.

    Thanks anyway :)
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  18. Any reason why you felt that every method and field in your main class should be static? Seeing that doesn't really instill confidence :p, and I noticed you use the .NET style for brackets, which makes me wonder why you decided java instead of something like c++ or c#.
    Also, it wouldn't be difficult to allow for the user to input the domain for the email address, but that would only be useful for people who have their own domains so it's probably not worth it, although people may be able to use the gmail dot placement/numbers thing.

    Either way, I guess the prices are somewhat fair, considering the time saved for the user, and the amount of work you put in, although you can generate about 1 account per minute by automating the RS3 account creation and this doesn't seem to be much faster :/

    Assuming you're using the OSRS Create User page or a similar webpage, I'd imagine you'd be able to possibly quadruple your throughput if you really wanted to xD
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  19. No specific reason as to why I didn't program in an OO manner for the client side. Doesn't take away from anything though, if you want to question my knowledge I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Bracket styling isn't specific to any language. The idea of wondering why I didn't write it in a different language due to where I place my brackets is absolutely insane and I don't know why you would even suggest such a thing.

    The GUI is currently being redesigned, and will include a multitude of different configuration options for the user. Custom domains will be a part of that.

    The only bottleneck for account creation speed is my database of proxies & subnets. Jagex employs a temporary subnet block for account creation if too many accounts are created on it in a specific amount of time. Therefore I have implemented a "subnet cooldown" which waits the appropriate amount of time before using it again. If I had unlimited proxies & different subnets, the accounts p/h would then only be limited by my server CPU & RAM.
  20. I only mentioned it because every time I see something coded like this, it kind of triggers alarm bells.
    Conventions can change from language to language, and the bracket styling you're using is the same as the .NET convention, that's the only reason I mentioned it xD.

    Also, on the topic of RS3 email validation, when it tries to force you to validate it also gives you the option of changing the email the validation is sent to, so the current program would work fine so long as the user does that when required.

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