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  1. Hello, guys today i want to sell my RS3 skiller for a fair profit money / rs07 cash

    Main Skills

    Fletching: 120, 104m exp

    Firemaking: 99

    Construction: 80

    Thieving: 85

    Hunter: 85

    Woodcutting: 90

    Fishing: 80

    Herblore: 99

    Magic: 99

    Rest skills are 70+ without melee / smithing / mining / Dung / Slayer is 45.

    Looking for a fair price, contact me on skype for pictures :)

    Skype Name: oscar2k14

    Greetings from Oscar!
  2. Hi! First of all you should really look at this. It's not appelative and you don't show any proof of owning the account.
  3. As i said, contact me on skype for screenshots of the account, i can't upload it here, since i dont want it hacked :)
  4. Pffftt...ahahahaahaha.
  5. Sure sec let me upload a picture
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  6. As i said you should have looked into the thread i linked you but ok thats fine. Blackmarks, bank (if anything), fashion items and pets (if any) are things you should always presente. You ain't gonna get hacked because of that oO
  7. Are you my father or something, is it you who is selling the account, please stop care what other do. i do what ever i want.
  8. Ok not gonna bother you anymore. Good luck on the sale!
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  9. Thank you sir.
  10. What did you make until 120?
  11. Magic Bows
  12. Good xp/hr?
  13. Dont remember
    • how many $$$ ??
  14. Wow he is just trying to help you to make a good presentation which can lead to a sale, don't be like that man.
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  15. I dont care if he is trying to help me, as you say " lead to a sale " i LEAD it so sale as I WISH not as you guys WISH.
  16. How much do you want for it?
  17. Add me on skype and we can talk? name: oscar2k14
  18. Okay well my point is that he was just trying to give you advice and help you the way he thinks, no one is forcing you to do as he says. All I am trying to say is to show some appreciation to people on the forums that are actually trying to help you instead of yelling at them.
  19. Yelling, how do i yell someone when im writing, get sense and stop comment on my sale page, take it somewhere else with someone who cares.

    Greetings from Oscar.

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