RS3 Ban Rates? (On "non-goldfarmer" account)

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  1. So, I've been botting on a main account for a long time on OSRS and never been banned.
    I've never botted on RS3/EoC after botwatch was released as I am scared to get banned. :confused:
    However, I've heard the ban rates on RS3 is nearly the same as the ban rates of OSRS. Is this true?
    Why I bring up main/"non-goldfarmer" accounts is because I know if you bot on a fresh Level 3 account for the sake of goldfarming WILL get you banned in literally 5 mins. No, I don't want the ban rates of a goldfarmer account. But a main account!
    I would like to know because I might start botting on RS3 (If it's safe ;))
  2. You should wait for spectre, it will be released soon if im not wrong!
  3. What's spectre?
  4. Something extraordinary
  5. i've been botting for 2 weeks on the same acc from 1-90 mining on rs3, keep in mind i take realistic breaks and Iv worked on other skills manually (dungeoneering and magic) i duno if thats helped me survive
  6. Bot realistically and you should be fine.
  7. According to Jagex, both games have the same anti-ban tech.

    If you're botting for 8-9 hours in a row lets say in the mining guild then yeah you'll get banned pretty quickly. I never bot for more then 5 hours straight, usually followed with a 1-3 hour break before I start again. I will also occasionally do some other skills manually or bot other skills. I would not recommend constantly botting the same thing over and over again for weeks.
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  8. OSRS has way higher rate of manual bans compared to RS3 though. Not to mention all them ban waves.
  9. Huh, thanks for your answers, guys :)
    So, you guys are saying, to take breaks while botting? Yeah, I do that, I never bot overnight.
    I think I'll start botting on RS3 now, since I am STILL not banned on OSRS and they both have the same ban rates, as you guys said :)

    This isn't really necessary, but for some reason, the "Macroing Detected - You Have Been Banned" pop-up gives me goosebumps :confused:
  10. I got to disagree on the fact that RS3 and OSRS has the same ban rates, for example when i started botting RS3 i got banned after 24hours and i botted for 2-3 hours max that day. Also i played around 90mins legit before using RuneMate on that account. When it comes to OSRS, I made a account did the TUT myself and started botting straight away without even playing "Legit" As of now this account is still alive and i am botting 10+ hours each day for that past 3 weeks. Thats why i think people can better wait for Spectre but that is all up to you :D

    Goodluck! (y)
  11. Yeah, I thought RS3 had a much higher ban rate than OSRS. I botted for 3 hours last night on RS3 and I'm still not banned ;) Maybe I will wait for Spectre, though
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  12. Idk if i just got unlucky but for now i just stick to OSRS until Spectre!
    Have Fun :D
  13. its almost becoming a meme
  14. It's just hype ;)
  15. Almost?

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