RS3 rs3 close maxed acc 1 invention only 2x120 skils 758m xp total

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  1. rs3 close maxed acc 1 invention only 2x120 skils 758m xp total

    because school beginne end got no more time for it now so i wana give it to a new owner

    so here are some pics (payment) paypal/ideal/rs3/07gp[​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. add me on skype : janharm.veenstra
  3. yo how mch you looking for thiss acc
  4. How safe is actually buying this? How do we know your trustworthiness and know you're not going to recover? School starting doesn't really warrant you actually quitting the game lol, just saying
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  5. Account selling is forbidden on most sites because 99% of the time the owner recovers the account.
  6. @BraumTheStache because if u fix mm we do recovery test included
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    @auxi there no rules about not selling acc's ;) if u get the good person no problems
  7. There's no rule about it here, I'm just informing people about the ugly truth of account selling ;)
  8. @auxi not everybady scams ;)
  9. This exactly
  10. I gave my RS3 account away to a non-IRL friend of mine once. After what I guess to be a year, I urged to play on it again and I was able to recover it successfully.

    Buying accounts is kinda stupid, it can nearly always be recovered...
  11. Kinda a dick move..
  12. Dickmove or not, he is still preaching the truth.
  13. If you've followed any of jagex's replies on reddit to people saying they were "hacked", they always have the information from the original creation of the account (first card, ip address, isp, location, etc) so the original owner will always be able to recover so long as they remember that sort of thing.

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