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Discussion in 'General Market' started by cowfart33, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. looking to buy rs3 gold, lots of it
  2. payment methods?
  3. paypal, with a mm
  4. no one will MM paypal....
  5. Is this because of chargebacks?
  6. interesting how much $ per mill?
  7. smart the guy :p
  8. Hmm, that could be an issue, what if the MM held the gold, the payer transfers the money, then the MM transfers the gold once the payment is confirmed?
    The MM doesn't lose from a chargeback, if they do chargeback it's the seller that gets hit, but it's still safer than the seller going first.
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  9. wouldnt do a trade with out a MM unless the person is very known/trustworthy xD
  10. well, i was going to buy the gold for a runefest ticket, but i think those are all sold out, will still buy some gold if its a good price, but maybe not as much
    the standard rate on Runemate seems to be 4mil a dollar, that ok?
  11. $0.23/m 120m willing to sell.
  12. oooooo, well if ur willing to do a mm, with someone like evil cabbage, ill be happy to buy it all,
    28 dollars gud?
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    or runemate credits can do as well
  13. Dont worry about mm, as i cant really be bothered to wait around :) if he's availible then go for it
  14. add me skype, cowfart33
  15. I AM HIGH _ -_- sorry lol
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  16. Trade went smoothly!
    Recommend to trade with this guy,
  17. Warning for now, don't hijack threads. I'll be happy to middleman though ;)
  18. He didn't hijack the thread, this is his thread lmao
  19. i personally appologise to cowfart for my stupidness its legit 11am here n havent slept i tought i made the post but i guess it was on another website (sythe) really appologize also to the seller and to evilcabbage
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    i thought it was mine n the seller PMd me to sell to me while he posted here as well
  20. I quoted the wrong one haha my bad I'm sorry

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