Resolved [RS3] Health/Pray/Summon orbs get in the way of minimap in legacy

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Furor, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. When attempting to walk via the minimap in RS3 on legacy mode, sometimes the information orbs get in the way of minimap clicking and this can stop operation of the bot.
    [​IMG] (Notice the slight overhang over the edge? These areas are clickable.)
    Edit: @Cloud
  2. Yeah I get this issue alot as well.
  3. When this happens, what type of path are you guys using? It should already be accounted for but for some reason it's not working correctly for you...
  4. If he was using my script bot, it was a Bresenham path initially. If this issue is still occuring after my latest update went through, then it is the default web.
  5. I was using MaxiWoodcutter
  6. So I looked into it, and here's a projection of "visible" tiles onto the minimap

    So to me it looks perfectly fine.
  7. It may be occurring when the camera is turned so the points it wants to click are off by a little bit. Particularly in this case the one tile directly beside the prayer icon is a little too close to not say it could be clicking it. The summon orb is rarely clicked compared to the pray orb. Perhaps because those tiles look like rectangles, a corner could be overlaying the edge of the orb?

    I would still try to remove 1 more row of tiles from the edge, so maybe if possible add 1-4 extra pixels around the edge of the interface that is checked if that's possible? If you do do that then you could also probably add a pixel or two around the edge of the ability bar to fix bots that attempt to click in between them. For now this bug does happen in some cases, so there is something weird going on here.
  8. I can confirm this error occurs. Just had it while running my Gilded Altar script bot

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