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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Ozzy, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. I've only tested this on RS3, but interactions have been consistently failing for me @Cloud

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    Post #11 by Cloud, Mar 8, 2016
  3. It sounds a bit strange, but try disabling GameEvents.RS3.GRIM_REAPERS_OFFICE.
  4. Just gave that a shot but interact() on NPC's is still failing and returning false the vast majority of the time, the actual execute() of my task is being called much more frequently after doing that though.
  5. Yeah GRIM_REAPERS_OFFICE was causing the GameEventController to take 4s to validate. It helped with my npc interaction so I thought it might help with yours too :/ Are you getting a tonne of "Couldn't load model component" errors?
  6. Not that I've noticed but I haven't had much time to test lately, I plan on doing some tonight though. All that's happening for me is that the mouse moves over to the NPC correctly, waits a couple of seconds and then interact() returns false and there's no click, I'll try in some new areas to see if I can get any load errors like you're experiencing.
  7. Are these npcs that you're struggling with completely visible and uncovered?
  8. Yeah they are, dust devils in the chaos tunnels.
  9. Maybe they move off the viewport, thus not validating your visibility filter?
  10. The mouse is moving to them but the actual interaction fails, I'm going to see if this still happens on the new releases, I haven't had chance to try the last few builds yet.
  11. I did some tests and npc.interact was taking about 2 seconds. npc.getInteractionPoint().interact was taking about 1.5, and interactionPoint.interact was taking about 50-200ms. The way I have my stuff set up I can get the interaction point from previous stuff, so I'm using that at the moment, although it means that it won't account for if the target is moving or you are moving.
  12. Projection is being worked on more soon, today's update should have made osrs projection much faster and that should result in better interaction rates.
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    The speed of projection has been significantly improved and is now at a point where interaction shouldn't fail because of it being slow.
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