Bug RS3 Item Interaction failing without a reason

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Savior, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Sometimes the current session of the bot won't interact with some spriteitems in inventory.
    I double checked the interaction string and the item is not null either.

    Only sometimes the bot session is "infected" with this bug, and calling SpriteItem#interact(String action) will immediately return false.

    Using modern interface.

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    @Cloud it still persists.
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    Seems to happen to NPCs aswell.
  2. Code (Text):
    1. if (desintegrateSpell != null) {
    2.                 System.out.println("not null");
    3.                 if (desintegrateSpell.interact("Activate")) {
    4.                     System.out.println("ready to interact with spriteitem");
    5.                     itemsToDestroy.interact("Activate Disassemble -> " + item);
    6.                 }
    7.             }
    Happens to me too. interact("Activate") doesn't work, but it does print out not null.

  3. Uhm, can you provide more debugging information?
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    Specifically information related to what is reported as the visibility of the item, whether or not the backpack is considered open, if it's not open is attempting to open it not working, etc.
  4. Couldnt manage to reproduce the bug yet

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