RS3. Keeps teleporting when using webpath

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Qosmiof2, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. ALll the time.

    I can't give you more information cus i dont have any.

    Just that if i right click home teleport there is varrock becuase i used it mins ago. Maybe it teleports only if user has teleported not so long ago and the history is still there.

    idk how to explain.

    just teleports lol
  2. It teleports via lodestones if it calculates that it will save over 25 tiles.
  3. Can you check the lodestone's state? Because if the lodestone is locked it does nothing.
  4. well mine clicks the tile im walking to then home teles even tho the next tile is were i need to be :/
  5. Neither of these are intended behavior. We'll have to look into this @Cloud.
  6. I reported similar issues to cloud the other day. Think some of the lodestone teleports are messed up. Mine would try to lodestone teleport to fally when i was trying to walk to the edgeville bank... after using the edgeville glory teleport
  7. I've had end users reporting that my fisher will teleport to fishing spots rather than walking to them - even when the fishing spot is much closer than any lodestone is.
  8. We do check the lodestones state.
    That specific case should have been fixed.
  9. Only yesterday it repeatedly teleports to the same lodestone. Casts teleport, teleports, tries to walk (but theres a lag because your still appearing at lodestone), then re-teleoports. Hope it's fixed :p
  10. Can we get a fix soon?

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