Resolved RS3 Lumbrige Bank Chest interaction

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  1. You cannot interact with the Lumbridge Bank chest(the one in the cellar under the Cooks Assistant starting location). First of all the name of the GameObject is null, and interaction just doesn't do anything. It's not related to the flickering thing as interaction is working fine for other objects.

    Also when I inspect it in the dev toolbox, I see this:

  2. @Cloud please confirm that the new cache loading implementation will fix this. @Exile I believe this will be incidentally fixed by an upcoming feature release that is currently being worked on.
  3. 1. Yes, the name of the definition is null. This is the case for all dynamic objects and it is not a bug. The base definition is the definition of the place holder object (and it does contain some useful information). To get the name you're looking for you should get the local state of the definition and get the name from there.
    2.The flickering has already been patched.
    3.Show me a picture of the object and post a snippet of the code you're using
  4. 1. How to get the local state?
    2. Yes that was irrelevant
    3. [​IMG]
    GameObject bank = GameObjects.getLoadedAt(coordsThatIDontKnowAnymore).first();
    //couldn't use the query system or anything since the name is null
  5. 1.GameObjectDefinition#getLocalState (so something like object.getDefinition().getLocalState())
    3. You can still pass the local state name. It will check both.
  6. @Exile can we get an update on this bug's existence? There was a nice update to the client today.
  7. @Exile can we get an update on this bug's existence?

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