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Discussion in 'General Market' started by LanfearSedai, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Looking to try selling my RS3 Main account again. Did a LOT more work on it. None of my skills/quests have been botted or done by anyone but me.
    99's: Slayer, Defence, Fishing, Constitution, Cooking, Range, Summoning, Prayer (Technichally 98, but it's got bxp to 99 take less than 1 hour @Mems, can get this for the price of a bond)
    90+: Strength (94), Attack (93), Dungeoneering (92)
    80+: Magic (88), Herblore (85), Farming (83), Construction (83), Woodcutting (81), Crafting/Firemaking Smithing (80)
    All other skills 70+ Except for Invention (Divination is at 79, for invention)
    Noteable Items:
    Untrimmed Slayer Cape Keepsaked
    Chaotic Crossbows MH/OH
    Noteable Quests:
    The void Stares Back
    Plague's End
    Defender of Varrock
    Within the Light (Prif)
    Dream Mentor
    Legends Quest
    Path of Glouphrie
    Summer's End
    Swan Song
    Temple at Sennisten
    Monkey Madness
    Firemakers Curse
    Fairy tale III
    Branches of the Darkmeyer
    Chosen Commander
    (all quests for WGS Except RFD, all quests for Ritual of the Mahjarrat, except WGS, All quests for World Wakes Bonus, except Ritual of the Mahjarrat)
    No Black Marks, No Bank wealth, No mutes/bans

    ISO RSGP Offers
  2. how much you looking for intrested
  3. I was offered 125m rs3gp the last time I tried to sell it, since then it has a lot more quests done (around 20-30 more), two more 99's (Cooking and Fishing) and, and close to 150 higher total level.
  4. so you looking for 50usd +?
  5. I might do 40$
    Btw you should also post pictures of recovs
  6. ill start bid at 45$ but can you post some photos
  7. Well I definately said I wanted rsgp, as I don't trust cash transactions.
  8. any pictures ?
  9. Just ask if they send you the Paypal cash as a gift :) and then you can go buy your Gp's
  10. happy to do gift paypal
  11. Still for sale?

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