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  1. Since RS3 bot went down and Now its Back up I guess? the bot doesnt know how to interact with objects.
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  2. This bug happened to me too. While testing my mining bot it was unable to mine a copper ore rock. According to some logic in my code, the bot thought that it couldn't see the rock (isVisible() on the rock), so it would attempt to turn the camera and not turn at all since it was already visible in the first place.
  3. we're discussing this at @development in slack

    So they're aware...
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    What were you graphic settings on RS when this happened? I'm having the exact same thing.
    What's your gamepack id?
  4. Gamepack id: 0D42CC
    Graphics: DirectX with CPU usage set to "Maximum" and everything else set to the minimum possible. Max screen size set to "Any" and all of the checkboxes unchecked except for custom cursors which is checked.
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