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  1. Hi, What are you guys botting at the moment ?
    Iknow for RS3 its better to wait for spectre but do you guys still bot on RS3 ?
    At the moment i am botting RS2007 for a few days around 6-10 hours a day and still going strong! :D
    What i like to know is, Is it also do-able to bot around 6-10 hours a day on RS3?
  2. Currently doin a suicide run on 4 bots to see how long they can last, mostly because I want to start setting up a gold farm and see how long I could safely run my bots in a day, however I can say that I'm not sure how safe rs3 is atm. I have been botting on a 10 year vet for the last few years using a few different sites. While this one is defiantly my favorite bot I can say that my account received its first botting ban EVER in years of botting on it. I'm very scared to bot on it now until spectre comes out we see effective it is. But I will also say that the ban was pretty much my fault for leaving it on a bit too long, but not the longest I've ever left it on. So I think that's saying something.
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  3. Yea my main problem will be a instaban on RS3, i have seen a few post around here from people saying that they got a instaban for loggin in via runemate only. idk if this thing still happends, and for botting hours without a break is risky i think i always take some breaks for atleast 15-20min.
  4. Yea I learned the hard way. Got 3 accounts insta banned right after I made them the other day by instantly logging in on the RM client. Just get a few levels then you won't be insta banned.
  5. I botted 15 hours without break still not banned lmfaooo on rs3.
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  6. Yea I've got some accounts on a suicide run. Currently on 27 hours no ban
  7. So your telling me, if i make a new RS3 account, play it for like 25-30mins legit, and then use runemate it should be no problem ?
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    Lol thats insane :D
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  8. Yes, I cut a full inventory of logs, light them all on fire. Cut 1 more inventory of logs, and then after that I was able to repeat that on all the accounts I made and switch over to the RM client. It may also be worth adding that I validated the email as well.
  9. Mhh, sounds good. i will try that tommorow! so when you make a fresh account play it on the real client first right ?
  10. Yes real client, login, skip tut island (press esc and there is an option to skip it.) I then do as I said above. After I exit to the lobby not log out, then validate the email, and you should be good to go!
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  11. Awesome! thanks alot i will try this tommorow for sure :D
  12. Update: My suicide bots made its 29 and 32 hours before a ban! id say cut that in less then half to be safe, 10-12 hours I would recommend.
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  13. I will stick to 6 hours, and what if i run RS3 and a OSRS bot at the same time ? is a VPN/Proxy a must then ?
    cuz right now i dont have any of those 2 :p
  14. Botting nothing atm :p got no account since it got banned :p
  15. You're talking about RS3 right ?
  16. RS3 is doable if you legit the account first, and bot smart.
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  17. I think you're right, i made a fresh account, played the tutorial, after that i played for a hour legit, and now botting on it.
    I hope that will be enough :D
  18. I usually just buy old accounts, bot combat then go straight to goldfarming. Too lazy for legit:rolleyes:
  19. I just bot for fun, no need for me atm to setup a goldfarm :p
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  20. I just setup a gold farm because Its nice to just have them running in the background while I play on my main account legit :p. Ive never had anything major like what I have been trying to setup the last few days but its nice to always be having an income :)
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