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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by John Booth, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Need a bot that can get back to varrock after being killed in Rune Essence mine.
  2. Actually, just got started talking to a Runemate bot author about making an essence bot today.. it'll be private at first (i'm paying for it) but on his post it says.. posting it public will be the buyers choice.. and my choice is to make sure Runemate has a nice and reliable essence bot to work with and he so far agreed to it, which is awesome.

    Here's some of the actual post of what i said

    Hey, here's a bot that i've been looking for.. flawless, fast and simple
    Bot starting spot: Varrock - Make it so it can go anywhere from the varrock lodestone teleport location and run back to the pure essence mine if killed by a player in any area outside essence mine
    -- also when you die in the essence mine, you will be losing everything except 2 items in your inventory and warped to high level risk area (which comes out to be saving your pickaxe and 1 essence).. so you can walk all the way back to the varrock bank from "High Area Respawn: Daemonheim" once you reached the bank, it will bank those 2 items and bring your pickaxe back out if you so chosen one from the list and equip / place in inventory

    NPC: Aubury - Right click and teleport without it hitting his store trade button or anything else that will make the bot stop completely
    - Mines rune/pure essence at varrock east bank
    - Supports running until it hits 0% energy then let it walk until it hits about 50% energy then let the bot sprint again
    - Supports all pickaxes by an option list: If this option is not clicked on the bot then it just starts with bronze pickaxe from your toolbelt
    - Supports equip or place in inventory pickaxe by an option on the bot
    - Supports banking everything except the pickaxe once you reached the bank from dying due to a player killing you in the essence mine.
    - Banking: Carefully done so it does not mis-click on people or the stairs in bank
    - Detects & open Aubury shop's door, in case its closed
    - Randomly generated walking/running paths every so often.. maybe 5 banking trips then switches sides: starts running from either left or right side of the bank perfectly while making it look legit (not clicking on bank person until it's inside of the bank)

    Pickaxe support list option:
    Dwarven army axe
    Bronze pickaxe
    Iron pickaxe
    Steel pickaxe
    Mithril pickaxe
    Adamant pickaxe
    Rune pickaxe
    Dragon pickaxe
  3. Impossible

    You can only get pure essence ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    But this would be good

    A nice suggestion would also have the ability to do it from wizard on ardougne where most bots don't go and respawn is close If you die
  4. Does Alpha Runecrafting not work for you?
    It runs from lumbridge to varrock fine after getting killed for me :/
  5. The Rune Essence Mine is a high risk zone thus if u die in it your to far to come back.
  6. Hmm okay, where do you go if you die in there?
  7. Daemonheim and Mage Arena Bank are the only two High Risk Respawns neither work
  8. mage bank or daemonheim

    you can have your bot bank the two saved items and then tp to varrock

    but that would mean that the bot would have to deal with only using bronze pickiaxes from toolbelt
  9. im fine with just a bronze pickaxe. right now I have to check bots every 15-30 minutes and send them back to the mines

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