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  1. So in the guides section someone has posted a method of buying chao and death rune of araby's rune store and then reselling at the gp, this method is good but not exactly fun as you have to manually run back and forth, so i was wondering if a bot is possible for this method, it would just have to run from gp to araby's rune store buy all the death and chaos runs and then run back to the gp, this method is really simple and is a quick way to get alot of money, please respond back with your thoughts
  2. If I knew how this works maybe. But im stacked with requests
  3. Quality > Quantity, just so u know m8, cuz u seem to take requests way too easy xD
  4. Yeah, that's why i said that i am stacked. because i wont be able to get to it until all others are good...
  5. Store buying is one of the most profitable gold farming scripts bots for 07. Aubury is bottom barrel for it. You can buy death runes from Pest control, Death Cosmic and Law from the Wilderness Arena, and one other thats even better than all of them. When only buying runes, you don't need to bank. If its a pack (such as a fire rune pack) you will need to click the pack to open them all after you have 27 in your inventory. If you need any more info let me know @awesome123man
  6. Well this will likely not come from me. I'm crammed with requests right now.
  7. yeah but
    buying indivual is about 1k cheaper than buying packs, and you cant buy death rune packs and there the most profitable
  8. thanks genius. read the post again. it says "IF ITS A PACK" meaning some thing are, some things aren't. Fire rune pack, Mind rune pack, and Feather packs all make money.

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