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Should I spend all my money [5mil] to buy pure ess and craft laws

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  1. A. Yes

  2. B. No

  1. Alright guys I have 5m total bank. I can craft law runes with my current runecrafting level.
    Should i spent all to buy pure ess- 147k pure ess ( at 34 ea) then make into laws, = 147k * 280 ea = 41.2mil
    Time it will take: 147k pure, After 2 hours of testing when concentrated I do 1.5k ess/hr
    147k / 1.5k = 98 hours
    Exp= 147k * 9.5 = 1.4mil xp
    Which gets me to 84 runecrafting.
    What do yall think!
  2. You could do that to make money, or you could just bot Runespan and get to 91 for double nats within a week.
  3. he clearly said osrs
  4. Yeah there arent many OSRS bots out yet and def not a runecrafting one

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