Bug Runemate 2.0 - Memory Leak

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  1. Hello,

    I'm aware other members have created threads similar to mine, but I could not find any answers.

    I run RuneMate 2.0 Spectre on two computers daily. After 4 hours on running, the client becomes progressively slow, and around 8+ hours RuneMate is either almost unresponsive or stops running entirely and the error message appears 'Runemate has run out of accessible memory, try allocating more next time you run it".

    I've had this issue from the from the get-go (approx 3 months ago), but as I grow, it becomes more of an issue.

    • I always set the Runemate's priority to 'Realtime'
    • I trim the Chatbox to 1
    • I remove all unnecessary Break Handler entries. (Default usually goes up to 22hrs+)
    • All Runescape graphic setting are at minimum and I run the Legacy Interface.
    Both of my computers are pretty good.
    Computer Specs:
    1. Dell XPS 8700
      Intel Core i7-6700k
      24GB RAM
      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
      Windows 10
      Java 8: Update 31 (8.0.310)

    2. HP Pavillion 500Intel Core i5-4570
      8GB RAM
      AMD Radeon HD8570
      Windows 10
      Java 8: Update 101 (8.0.310)

      The bot I run is Alpha Divination 2.2.4 by @SlashnHax

    Thank you in advance :)
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  2. Mate I have an i5 6600k and 32gb ram and can run 15 instances of runemate (OSRS) easily straight up for like a day. There's barely a memory leak. It might be the bot being heavy, but a client-side leak is 99% not the case.
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  3. Ok, thanks.

    I'll try other bots.

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