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    The cat-and-mouse-game between our friends at the Jagex Game Studio and RuneScape botting clients is an age old tale. Today I am happy to announce our initiative aimed to secure a comfortable lead in the arms race for the foreseeable future: RuneMate Spectre.

    The intention of this project is to architect and implement a new process flow for how the bot client will access and play our favorite game with a focus in making it indistinguishable from a legitimate player for years to come. This will be a drastic divergence from the stale patterns that all botting clients currently employ, leading to a more long-term solution and a steep barrier to detection. We will be leveraging cutting edge technologies that have previously never been utilized in this scene with the expectation of creating the new standard for the next generation of botting.

    While this is primarily an internal change to permanently thwart client detection attempts, it has widespread implications that will also give us the opportunity to provide you with awesome new features, free of charge.


    Phase A: Aimed to provide a stable implementation of the new process flow with completed internal changes. Release will have a similar user experience and feature set to what currently exists.

    Phase B: Will leverage the new process flow to provide features previously not possible, both at a user and developer level. Includes a redesigned user interface.

    Phase C: Further feature releases with a focus on remote access and bot management.

    Note: Phase A will be a bulk update due to its internal nature, while Phases B & C will follow the typical release cycle of incremental updates.

    Dev Updates

    Spectre video:
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  2. 2spooky
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  3. my name's bond
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  4. "Soon TM" Jk, i know you will bring it as fast as possible. @Cloud and @Arbiter what a massive beast duo you are.
  5. I don't even bot but I must admit Remote Access is a long overdue feature, definitely looking forward to seeing that.
  6. *cough* get rid of JFX
  7. I hope it's not just a fancy name, but some real shit going on. Either way, Arbiter and Cloud will deliver asap.

    What happens when you put a random bengali dude with a mysterious guy no one knows shit about? Well, you get executives of RuneMate: @Arbiter & @Cloud
  8. Sounds exactly like what the botting scene has always needed.
    Not going to say "excellent work" since we haven't seen the work yet, but we can say "excellent idea" :p This showcases once more your forward thinking and talent.
  9. no.
  10. any idea? desktop bot management console?
    it will make us easy to manage all bot account haha
  11. cloud y u mek me kry
  12. Lel you're just asking to get raped.

    OT: Very nice, but the schedule does seem very short (time-wise). How are you going to pull it off?
  13. tight name bro
  14. With mind-numbingly long days.
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  15. At least you're doing something you enjoy for people who appreciate you.

    Try setting up festival hire. Working 14 hour days $15/Hour so some sweaty drugged up cunt can jump around in a tent to *doof doof doof*
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  16. I notice you used a lot of meaningless words, so in all it may sound good but it makes no sense. You always imply how unintelligent I am (even though I am almost right more often than you) so could you please explain this as if you were talking to a five year old (I am 6 but I just wanna make sure there are no new words I havent't learned yet)

    Here are some things to simplify:

    What the heck is a 'process flow' and how the heck does it effect ban rates.

    "making it indistinguishable from a legitimate player for years to come" there are currently a lot of ways to tell a bot from a legitimate player mainly through actual java use and not through the way a bot plays a game (as all truthful developers will say player a game a certain way with certain mouse movements, camera changes etc will not lead to a ban) so in short, does this intend to do it on that side too or just make cleyboard aswell?

    "stale patterns that all botting clients currently employ" hard to say when the other bots weren't detected in a long time.

    "We will be leveraging cutting edge technologies" what cutting edge technology? and I assume it has been 'leveraged' somewhere else as you specifically said it hasn't been used in "this scene" therefore it has been used somewhere else, where? and does jagex have access to this technology?

    "Includes a redesigned user interface." hopefully with swing amirite?

    EDIT: Also I know how you like to ban me for pointing out the truth of things, so please don't ban me like a child and come up with a good response (i hope!)
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  17. Maybe if you conducted yourself in a mature fashion you would not be banned so frequently?
  18. If you saw the things I got banned over you'd change your statement quickly. related to the ban received for posting "If it uses a lot of resources (which it does) computers that aren't capable (ur free one) have trouble running it." just as an example
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  19. I hope you realize that not only that is the motivation behind your ban. Obviously there's been a history of toxicity and general misbehavior.

    OT: I'm sure he's using "vague" words to avoid spilling the exact beans so that Jagex isn't 100% ready to counter when it's done.
  20. Just because it is beyond your limited vocabulary, it doesn't mean it is meaningless. I encourage you to expand your diction by looking up the words you don't understand. Feel free to verify my application while you observe it applied in a sentence kindly provided by me.

    Lol... no comment.

    A process flow (diagram) is the systems engineering parallel of an activity (diagram) as is commonly seen in UML and general computer science theory. Both terms were considered for clarity with end users and the more intuitive one selected. I will not spoonfeed you a definition but there are plenty of resources online to learn more about these including, but not limited to, Section 3.7.2 of the NASA Systems Engineering Handbook. In the particular context, the term refers to "how the bot client will access and play" as explicitly stated in the OP. Further details were intentionally excluded to protect against the wrong people gaining unnecessary insight.

    I am showing extreme restraint when I state that you are simply ill-informed. I suggest you re-evaluate your sources.

    Agreed. The fact that the scene has survived with old methods for a long time is exactly why there hasn't been a motivation to move the technology in use forward. This is not the case today. While some opt to patch the immediate problems we have decided to go with a more involved long-term solution.

    Any omission of details is intentional as previously mentioned.

    This is why you get banned.


    This is the last time I will entertain anything you have to say. I dislike your attitude and personality as I have clearly expressed before. I kindly request that you do not attempt to interact with me moving forward.
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