Bug Runemate Ban "Spectre"

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by cyaic, May 5, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    Was not botting ridiculous hours
    4 hours a day
    Account was members
    Account was only with runemate to check spectre out didn't work very well at all
    - Bot safe all
  2. Was it a new account by any chance? They tend to be more risky to bot with.
  3. Bot like an idiot, get banned like an idiot.
  4. How did i bot like an idiot? Did you not read?
  5. You got banned, which is enough. Here's a list of things all "Spectre sucks I got banned" posts fail to mention:

    -What you were botting.
    -How long you were botting them.
    -How old the account was.
    -How long you have been botting the account.
    -How long you have been botting the account with RuneMate.

    Like I posted in the other thread, Jagex almost exclusively uses delayed bans.
  6. Are you "WYD"?

    OT: Sorry not sorry for your loss.
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  7. No i'm not
    Bit of a tosser as well?
  8. Instead of flaming this guy, lets learn from him.

    cyaic, was the account new, did you use any other bot clients, did you use tut island bot, and what bot were you running?
  9. Bans are part of the game, nothing is entirely safe, but this is as close as we can get. Sorry for your loss. Take it on the chin and run 20 more accounts to take a piss on Jagex and mule the gold to a legit account where you can buy everything.
  10. New accounts are much more likely to be banned (especially on OSRS), so if you made that account for the sole purpose of testing RM that isn't surprising.
  11. If you bot smart you can't be banned.

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  12. Botting is never 100% safe so idk why you're complaining.
  13. this.
    And then it comes to that point of. What influence do these threads have? i mean... Gr8 that u possibly got banned through using runemate. Still its like 3-5x if not 10x more safe as powerban and osfunny.

    GL with ur next acc, unlucky ban, next time bot more safely
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  14. if you botted wcing/fishing using bots with a large amount of users you will be detected sooner or later.

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