RuneMate Beta 16 Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Arbiter, Apr 30, 2014.

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  1. Do yo' thang.
  2. Bugs noticed:
    -Random events broken
    "A NullPointerException has occurred while determining the highest priority rs-event"
    -area.getCenter() returns made-up coordinates for square areas
    -area.getBottomLeft() should be re-added!
    -graphics2d.fill(Screen.getBounds().getBounds()) still does not display bounds correctly: they're offset towards the bottom
    Screenshot (the red box):
  3. The game lags a lot for me - this is only the case in SDK mode
  4. Doesn't lag for me
  5. Same
  6. 1. That's really odd, I'll check into it, my mistake (priority release if that's the case)
    2. Maybe my calculations were off, I assumed they were simple enough that I didn't even check.
    3. It was removed because with the introduction of circle areas i'm not sure how to handle it.
    4. Ah I see the problem now, easy fix on my part, it's returning the bounds relative to the base of the client.

    A release will be made late tonight to resolve these issues, as always thanks for the reports and thanks for helping me build a better client.
  7. @3: just the same as it was before, with circular areas itd be outside of the area's bounds, but the script bot writer should know when to pick which constructor
  8. Any chance you're playing RS3? Afaik Spartan and I both use OSRS and experience no issues, so that might help identify the problem.
  9. Do you have any specific uses for it that getCoordinates() or contains(Locatable) can't accommodate?

    P.S. Is the inventory bounds position issue fixed?
  10. Well I used getBottomLeft to generate a random coordinate within the area to walk towards, i switched to center now, but it requires more calculations.

    I will check, sec
    edit: perfect
  11. Why not use Random.nextElement(java.util.Collection<E> collection) & Area.getCoordinates()?
  12. Doesn't getCoordinates() recalculate the coordinates within the area every time called?
    I just used area.getBottomLeft().derive(Random.nextInt(area.getWidth() + 1), Random.nextInt(area.getHeight + 1))
  13. You're right, your way would be more efficient but I'm hesitant to re-add it because of the new circular areas and the future polygonal areas... I'll consider it but I'm not sure whether I'll re-add it just because I don't think the easy answer that you suggested would be the proper and expected result from it.I feel like the best solution may be calculating the most south-western point within the circle.
  14. Then add a area.getRandomCoordinate() method which returns what I do (or similar) for squared areas and uses getCoordinates() for circular areas :)
  15. It's OSRS. I get 10-20 Fps but in SDK mode that drops to about 1-4
  16. Weird, I don't drop below 15 fps.
    I do wonder why the client is limited to 20 fps though, as osrs itself runs at 50.
  17. My PC is shit so I always get below 20 fps anyway
  18. ah ouch, i can run bf4 maxed out 1080p with ease :p
  19. The only thing limited to 20fps is the canvas overlay (aka paint) which is async from the main game. To get the actual fps of the game do RuneScape.getFps
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