Runemate Charges?

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    According to my profile, I have used 17 hours worth of this premium bot- note: this is the only premium bot I have used.

    I purchased $5.00 of credit.

    17 hours x 0.05 per hour = $0.85

    My current balance is showing as $3.80

    Total amount used: $1.20

    Am I being charged per LAUNCH or per actual hour used?

  2. It would be total used: $1.45 if it was per sesson + hour
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  4. Cheers mate, looks as though the signature isn't updating correctly as looking at my transaction history I have 26 hours used in total.
  5. Each hour of a premium bot is charged at the beginning of the hour. So if you stopped the bot at 2 hours and 20 minutes it would have charged you three times. However, the dynamic signature shows exact runtime.

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