Resolved RuneMate Client Crash.

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  1. Hello,

    My RuneMate Client Is Crashing at Random Moments, Sometimes After a hour Sometimes It Keeps Doing it Every 10mins. Now When That Happends It Create's A Text File In My RuneMate Folder That Says : hs_err_pid3192.
    There is Alot Of text In It And Idk What I Can Do To Fix This Problem =/

    Could Anyone Help Me? Thanks :) !

    Edit: Now I Cant Use it At All, When i Run The Client And Log In I Can Play For Like 30 - 60 Sec And it Close,s =/

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  3. Fully uninstall your Java using my problem solver.
    Download the latest one, and it should be fixed ;)
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  4. I am having the same problem, even when on the latest Java Version
  5. I Re- Downloaded The Client And It Didnt Happend AnyMore, Hope It Stays Away :D

    Ty For Your Reply MicroSoft :) !
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