Resolved Runemate Crash (Running 3 instances)

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  1. It has been working fine and suddenly today after restarting my computer I can no longer open 3 instances of runemate. I currently have two open but for some reason when I open the third one and log into runescape it crashes. What could be the problem?

    I have tried re-installing Java. Still able to open two but not three.

    Heres a picture of what is happening.

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  2. I have 4GB Ram, its weird cause it was working fine and just stopped letting me run 3 of them.
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    Update, tried do that method and still didn't allow me to open the third one. Strange.
  3. You have the latest Java ? 8u66
  4. What's the RAM usage when you open 1 client, 2 clients, then 3?

    If 2 clients are taking up all of your RAM, that might be what's causing the third to fail and crash.
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  5. When you say you have 2 already open, do you mean 2 open and bot's activated or just idle?
    If activated, how much RAM are they using in Task manager ? ^
  6. Currently using 2.5GB with 2 open.

    Yes I have the most updated java for 64-bit.
    I had all three bots rolling before, I can only have 2 now and can't login with the third one. I haven't changed any settings prior to the crash.
    2.5GB with two open.

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