Bug Runemate Crashing every 60-90 mins?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by mattybrappa, May 5, 2016.

  1. Not sure if this is related to the specific bot, or the actual client as a whole. But it seems to do this pretty consistently on this specific bot, even on a few others.
  2. Could be either one really. The logs in your RuneMate logs folder might give more insight to the issue.

    I assume it's probably a OutOfMemoryException relating to the heap space. How many bot instances are you running on the single Spectre instance?
  3. Just one.

    Which folder can I find the log errors?
  4. %userprofile%/RuneMate/logs
  5. "java.lang.StackOverflowError"


    "Signature update was sent, but failed. This could be due to invalid authorisation, or a server failure."

    When both of those msg's show up in my multitude of crash logs from today it seems things go to shit. they also both appear to be at the end of the log, this is my newbie analysis haha. I have no idea what it still could be, maybe that log helps?

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  6. The signature update one shouldn't be an issue.
    The StackOverflowError however, is, but it should be related to that bot and that bot only. Which bots are you having this issue with?
  7. Alpha Abyss Farmer, but the other guys in the thread seem to be able to run it for several hours... or so i think.
  8. Have you had the same issue with any other bots?
  9. Sometimes... Albeit infrequent. I'll keep better track of it though from this point on to build up some logs.

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