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    Here's how to get RuneMate's push notifications on your Discord server.

    Install Git for Windows and Node.js LTS.

    Register on Pushbullet and add RuneMate to your Pushbullet account.

    Go to your Pushbullet account settings and click Create Access Token. Copy it and keep it safe.

    On Discord, click Edit Settings next to the channel name where you want to see the notifications. Go to Webhooks, create a new Webhook and customize it with a name and avatar as you see fit. Here's the RuneMate logo. Save the Webhook URL.

    Shift+Right Click where you want to install the notifications app and open PowerShell or cmd. Clone the repository and install it with the commands:
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    1. npm install typescript -g
    2. git clone
    3. cd pushbullet-to-discord
    4. npm install
    Go into the pushbullet-to-discord folder and open the file with a text editor.
    Paste in your Pushbullet Access Token and Discord Webhook URL and save.

    When you are done, rename it to .env with the command:
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    1. ren .dev.env .env
    Finally, go back to PowerShell and run:
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    1. npm run start
    If it says "Pushbullet event stream has started" and doesn't throw any errors, you should be gucci. In the RuneMate client you can go to Settings, scroll down to Push Notifications and click "TEST" to make sure it works.
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    If you're a developer, you could also use JDA. Good stuff nonetheless :)

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