@RuneMate @fashionistas Thx you for my xbox live

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  1. @RuneMate @fashionistas Thx you for my xbox live , I have sell some of my GP today for xbox live :) I got into youtube :)

  2. Xbox One or 360?

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  3. xbox one and xbox 360 :)
  4. "thnx jagex"
  5. Nice, I have an Xbox 360. We should play. ;)
  6. what your Xbox live name m8? , Can we be the 1st RuneMate MLG?
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  7. PM'ed it to you, lass. :p
  8. Why do you play xbox instead of ps4? Just curious :)
  9. Would you suggest a PS4 over an Xbox One? Thinking of upgrading,
  10. I would.
  11. mate its worth it just for shadow of the colossus hd remake... unless that was on PS3

    idk but Wii U is where its at mayn
  12. PC>all. Kappa.

    In all seriousness, I own alot of consoles. However I wish I would have gotten a ps4 before I got my x1. Oh well. They both have their pros and cons, same as everything else :p
  13. Never had an xbox, neither one of my friends, but I can definetely recommend the PS4
  14. Nice man, good Job.
  15. Time for a war!
  16. PS4 is better because you won't have to use a giant controller m9.
  17. XBox is better
  18. I have big hands, I need my big controller lol :p
  19. PS4>Xbox - all day erry day
    That's a legit reason doe;)

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