RuneMate Fishing mail

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  1. Hey everyone,

    No sure if this is the right thread for it.. But I got this email yesterday:


    This is obviously a fishing mail, and PLEASE do not click the link. Be careful everyone!!!!!!

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  2. phishing*

    But yeah, afaik the staff removed the PMs, but they can't remove the emails. They probably should have had a post about it though I guess.
  3. Then edit the link out of the post -.-
  4. I've edited out the links from your post. I banned the user and removed all of his content.

    The PMs should have been also deleted, some people verified that they were. Let me know if you, or anyone still have them. :)
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    Also, I'd like to add that if anyone ever receives a suspicious PM then please contact me or any staff online immediately.
  5. Oh sorry , and thank you :)
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  6. No problem buddy and thanks for reporting it. :p
  7. If they have the option turned on, they get emails about their RuneMate notifications, which is what the screenshot in the OP shows.
  8. My bad. I'm going to talk to Arbi about the email option.

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