Resolved Runemate has run out of accessible memory, try allocating...

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  1. Runemate has run out of accessible memory, try allocating...

    I've been running in to issues over the last week, where the Runemate client will get very laggy after running for about 1.5 - 2 hours with 2 bot sessions. It will then stop 1 or both of the bot sessions and say I need to allocate more memory before I can run another bot.

    It doesn't matter what bots I use, it just seems to be that when 2 are running the issue comes up. I have been running 1x RS3 bot and 1x OSRS bot when this issue has been occurring. I've previously run bots for 6 hours+ with no problems.

    Windows 10
    i5 3570
    8GB RAM

    Any ideas/help?

    There wasn't a solution in this thread:
    Question - RuneMate has ran our of accesible memory,

    @Party suggested adding -Xmx1300M to the shortcut, however this gave me an error:

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    Still getting this happening.

    Worst part is having to wait for the video ad each time ;)

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    Post #3 by AlexH666, Jul 11, 2016
  3. Been getting this too. Perhaps a memory leak issue?
  4. @kazemanie I don't know if @Party 's suggestion will work, but you did it wrong.

    Look at screenshot. Add to target, not start in.
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  5. Ah silly me. @Party suggested that was well but I was missing the space between " and X >.<

    Thanks, that's worked. Will give it a couple of days to see if it has fixed the issue though.

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