Resolved RuneMate IP ban my VPN?

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  1. Well, I've been having a lot of trouble getting into RuneMate lately, My RS official client is screwed up, dont understand exactly why it just freezes, ive deleted the Jagex cache, ive uninstalled and reinstalled and nada.

    When I load the RM client threw my home IP A-OK, when try and load it threw my VPN it gives me a error saying the client cant update (or something along that line). My VPN is a very well know VPN, when using it on this site i some times get CAPTCHA's. I'm wondering if my VPN has been banned, I have other servers I can use but the first time i try and log in with a different server (if the client will even load) my accounts will get locked and I cant recover them. I dont ever really feel like botting just want to play on one of my bots threw the RM client as I cant use the official client.

    It will work threw my home IP but like I said i use a very well know VPN and I know of others here who use it as well, the part of the US I am in they only really give you two close options (its like that in the South, Florida and Texas. I have several accounts created on my home IP including my near maxed 10 year vet. I really don't want to link my accounts with a bot created on a IP where probably dozens of people bot on and get my legitimate accounts banned.

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  3. It's possible that our ISP or firewall has blocked certain IPs that your VPN uses. Please try another IP/region and see if the problem persists.

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  4. The VPN still works, its only when I try to use it with RuneMate that I get a problem.

    I try my best to never switch regions because as soon as I do my accounts get locked by Jagex. I haven't been able to successfully recover any after they lock them (only 2) but still.

    Is there a possibility that your host has blocked them? This site runs perfectly from my home address but as soon as I try and use this site threw my VPN I get Captcha's left and right. I'm afraid of I switch regions on my VPN I'll lose the account. I don't bot often but when I do it's typically less then 3 hours at a time so progress is slow.
  5. It is very possible that our firewalls have blocked your VPN. Like most server firewalls they are based on crowdsourced blacklists. Since your VPN likely uses a shared IP pool, other users could have done malicious things on that IP and gotten it into one or more of the many blacklists. We have no intention of whitelisting IPs on an individual basis. For more information and suggestions to remedy the issue please visit this related thread.

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